Deborah Czeresko

Deborah Czeresko is a New York City-based artist and designer, best known for her work with glass. Her work references food, art history, gender, and her experiences as a queer artist. After receiving her MFA from Tulane University in 1992, she first started working with glass at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop, now known as Urban Glass. In 2019, Czeresko captivated viewers as the winner of the inaugural season of Netflix's Blown Away. As a glass artist, Czeresko creates work that challenges societal norms and speaks on queer issues. Her work references the traditions of Venetian glassblowing while also adding contemporary discussions on feminism and gender politics.Czeresko has most notably been shown in the Corning Museum of Glass and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.


 1990-1992 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA MFA Studio Art 
1979-1983 Rutger’s University, New Brunswick, N.J. BA, Psychology

 2008-2019 Board of Directors, Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY  

Television and Media 
2022 Blown Away, Guest Judge 
2021 Blown Away, Guest Judge 
2021 Halston, Guest Feature 2020 Buddy vs. Christmas, Featured Contestant 
2019 Blown Away, winner of TV’s first reality program for glassblowing 

Awards & scholarships 
2020 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY Residency 
2020 (postponed) Wheaton Arts Millville, NJ Residency 
2018 College of Creative Studies Detroit, MI Residency 
2020, 2018, 2016 Tyler School of Art Philadelphia, PA Residency 
2014 Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Millville, NJ Fellowship 
2012 Museum of Glass Tacoma, WA Residency 

Permanent collections 
Toledo Museum, Toledo, Ohio 
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York 
Museum of American Glass, Millville, New Jersey, U.S.A. 
Glasmuseum Ebeltoft, Ebeltoft, Denmark 
Frauenau Glasmuseum, Frauenau, West Germany 

Dec 2019 Time Magazine online Best new TV characters of 2019 
July 2019 Los Angeles Times print & online Unlikely Star of Blown Away 
Sept 2019 Hyper Allergic online The World of Glass Proves Less Fragile 
June 2019 Icon Magazine print & online craft and the Art of Making 
May 2019 Architectural Digest online 9 Contemporary Glass Artists 
May 2019 Artsy online 10 Innovative Glass Artists 

Selected Exhibitions 
2020 Heller Gallery New York, NY Meat Chains 
2019 Heller Gallery New York, NY Queer Voices 
2019 Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY Blown Away Display 
2019 Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY New Glass Now 
2018 Habatat Gallery Royal Oak, MI StreetKraft 
2018 Rockland Center for the Arts Rockland, NY How Shall We Dine 
2015 UGent, Rommelaere Instituut, Gent, Belgium Post Mortem 
2015 Museum of American Glass Millville, NJ Creativity Ascertained 
2013 Museum of American Glass Millville, NJ Art of the Fellowship 
2011 Hudson Beach Glass Philadelphia, PA Shoefitti 
2010 Glasphemy by Macro Sea Brooklyn, NY The Fabritory 
2010 Louisville Glassworks Louisville, KY Shoefitti & Ibeam 
2010 Urban Glass, Armory Arts Week Brooklyn, NY Armory Show 
2007 Middlebury College Museum of Art Middlebury, VT Art Now 
2006 Corridor Gallery Reykjavik, Iceland Transparency 

2019 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY Fall Fund Raiser 
2017 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY Women Up! 
2016 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY The... 
2015 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY Fabrication Collective 
2014 Disembodied Voices at Brooklyn Glass Brooklyn, NY Glass Medea 
2011-2014 Chrysler Museum of Glass Norfolk, VA World’s Largest 
2012 Armory Arts Week, Brooklyn Glass Brooklyn, NY Performance as Medium  

Visiting Artist 
2020 Corning Museum of Glass Zoom 
2020 Urban Glass Zoom 2020 College of Creative Studies Zoom 
2019 Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY 
2019 Sheridan College Ontario, CA 
2018 College of Creative Studies Detroit, MI 
2018 Tyler School of Art Philadelphia, PA
2015 2018 Brooklyn Glass Brooklyn, NY 2017 Gent Glass Gent, Belgium 
2015-2017 Urban Glass Brooklyn, NY Teaching Experience 
2019 Urban Glass Don’t Blow It, Intro to Solid Sculpture 
2017 Brooklyn Glass Special Projects 
2016 Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA The Maestro Series: Professional apprenticeship in academia 
2015 LUCA School of Art, Gent, Belgium Chandelier Project: Exploring art, design and function 
2013 LUCA School of Art, Ghent, Belgium Blowing and Turning a Still Life: clay and glass still life 
2013 LUCA School of Art, Ghent, Belgium Material-ize; A collective approach to a glass- centric assemblage 
2011-12 IKA Glass, Mechelen, Belgium Intro to Venetian Glassblowing Techniques 
2008 Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT, City of Your Dreams 
2007 Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA City of Your Dreams 
2004-6 Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY Hot Glass & Critical Thinking 

Performance Groups 
World’s Largest Glass 
The Fabritory at Glassphemy 
The Burnt Asphalt Family 
The B Team 

Art Commissions 
Thad Hayes Inc. NYC, FORM Architecture NYC, Carter LaRoche Interiors, Bainbridge Island, WA, Alan 
Wanzenberg Architect PC, NYC, Matthew Bialecki Associates, New Paltz, New York, Jeffrey Beers Int. 
NYC, The Wiseman Group, San Francisco CA, Diana Kellogg Architect NYC, Selldorf Architects NYC 
Christine VanDeusen Interior Designs NYC  

Instagram @dczeey